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Fraud Labs Pro - Fraud Detection Solutions: What is transaction amount and quantity velocity check?

FraudLabs Pro has added 2 new fraud prevention rules for Transaction Validation section to further improve your fraud protection. They are:


  1. Total Amount Of A Transaction
  2. Total Quantity Of A Transaction


These rules will certainly provide merchants an extra protection by flagging a transaction with high amount/quantity for review. In most cases, those transactions exhibit sign of fraud. A manual review will always be recommended shall a high amount order transacted, although some merchants might have low and high price range products. Similarly, merchants must also be wary if the clients bought an item in bulk quantity.


Below are the steps of how you could set up the rules for the prevention.


1. Login to the FraudLabs Pro Merchant Control Panel.

2. Click on the Rules menu.

3. Add the transaction amount velocity check.



The above rule will be triggered if the total amount in a single transaction exceeded $1000.00


4. Add the transaction quantity velocity check.


The above rule will be triggered if the total quantity in a single transaction exceeded 10 items.


5. Click on the Save button.

Source: http://www.fraudlabspro.com/tutorials/transaction-amount-and-quantity-velocity-check